Web Design & Redesign

Hot Coffee SEO can help you design a website from the ground up. Websites are tailored to your specific tastes balanced with making it easy for visitors to use while maximizing marketing capacity if needed.

A website can be designed for many purposes, such as promoting a business, providing customer service or personal blogging.

  • If you already have a website and need a revamping and a larger online presence, I can help you with that as well. Your website idea comes from your imagination, and it is my job to bring your imagination to fruition online.


SEO: What is SEO and how much does it cost?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are found online and we use them all the time: Google, Yahoo Search, Bing and all the rest. SEO involves using the latest technology and techniques to get your website up the list across multiple search engines.

I can target your potential customer base and bring them to you.


Beyond SEO

There are other options and methods available that will increase traffic to your website and other online platforms, such as:

Content Production

  • Content production is one of the keys to creating website traffic. This includes a paragraph or two about a topic related to your business. Ideally, content should be produced daily. I can produce content for your platforms, publish what you have written, or take cues from you about what type of content you would like to see. Embedded within content are key words that increase your visibility on search engines.

Social Media Management

  • Social media is another key to creating website traffic. Social media platforms are additional means by which content production can be channeled. It also creates many opportunities for links, another key to the overall SEO strategy. It is possible that one of your social media platforms will get more traffic than the original website from which it is rooted. Using social media platforms is a must, like keeping all fishing poles in the water. They are critical to “catch” customers.

Live Chat

  • Having a live chat option on your website is a great way for potential customers to instantly interact with your business. They can ask questions, express concerns or comments. Hot Coffee SEO is available to operate your live chat during business hours and beyond, and if there are any dicey questions or concerns, I will contact your business immediately to provide the appropriate response and/or put you directly in touch with the customer.

Email Newsletters

  • Email newsletters are a surprisingly successful method for generating customers and customer loyalty.


  • Thumbtack is a service provided by Google to reach customers who have already expressed a need for a specific service. They are sort of like sales leads but much cheaper and easier to use. Thumbtack leads can be purchased a few at a time or in bulk. Thumbtack can produce hundreds of leads and can be quite time-consuming to manage. Not to worry: I can help you manage Thumbtack leads effectively and bring those customers to you.

Media: Podcasting & YouTube

  • Podcasting has all but replaced traditional AM/FM radio and YouTube has all but replaced network television.


Simple Works

  • Logo design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Help with setting up and operating social media accounts.
  • Generalized counsel on web marketing strategy.