Hi, I’m Kenny, founder of Hot Coffee SEO. I’m a lawyer by trade, but ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed computers and coding. This all began in the dark days: MS-DOS and no internet!

I put my love of technology aside and went to law school. After law school, I started my own law firm with two partners and practiced law for seven years.

We wanted to expand our business so we looked into web marketing and search engine optimization. Right there, my love of technology took over. We hired a web business expert, but before she could really get started, I took over the project! I worked all day and all night, sorting through code, trying to find solutions. I absolutely loved it.

I started making websites for my friends and advancing their businesses using the latest search engine optimization technology.

Now I’ve started my own web design & SEO business. I still practice law, but my real passion lies in web design, graphic design and finding business solutions for everyday people trying to grow their business.

I hope that together we can help your business grow!

Check out my Portfolio page to see some of the projects I’ve been working on.